Training & Capacity Building

Our Vision
  • To be the leading provider of quality health education and training programs in Africa.
Our Values
  • Pursuit of excellence
  • Passion
  • Universal Integrity
  • Results with Impact
  • Respect

The training and capacity building unit, the ACHAP Training Centre (ATC) was established at the end of the year 2014. The ATC focuses on customized training packages delivered through short courses employing hands-on experiential learning approaches for immediate impact. The training unit is positioned to offer innovative, sustainable programs in response to complex development problems and institutional capacity strengthening.

We intend to provide customized training solutions to the needs of development professionals and learners at all levels in the following Health Systems Strengthening building block courses; Health service Delivery, Health work force skills improvement, Health Information systems, Health Financing, Leadership and Governance and Access to Essential Medicines. We intend to supply training products which are standardized and add value towards improving productivity and service delivery.

ACHAP over time has realized that time is of essence in dealing with customers and hence, ATC courses can with prior arrangement be tailored to suit any situation to cater for time or distance according to customer circumstances. ATC is also able to put together a course to be administered online or even through distance learning or other convenient modes.

The delivery of courses will come in several ways; accredited short courses whose duration is from 1 day to 5 day, others whose duration will range from a week to two weeks are run in a modular form; or short half-day non-accredited courses addressing unique gaps in knowledge.

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