Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision "VMMC"

Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision (VMMC)

ACHAP is currently implementing a five year project funded by CDC to support the scale-up of National VMMC services among HIV negative adolescent/adult men in Botswana. ACHAP an independent not for profit non-governmental organization has been in existence since 2001, supporting the comprehensive HIV response. VMMC is an add on HIV prevention strategy adopted in Botswana since 2009. By end of 2014, ACHAP had contributed approximately 75% of the national cumulative achievement of all men circumcised in Botswana.

Project Goal:

To support the Government of Botswana in the national expansion of adolescent/adult VMMC through service provision at static and outreach sites.

Project Objectives:

  • Create demand and mobilize communities for VMMC services in the targeted areas;
  • To reach over 500,000 people, increasing their HIV prevention knowledge and encouraging health-seeking behaviors;
  • Involving women in the VMMC campaigns to break new ground & positively impact gender roles
  • Provide HCT to 95% of males seeking VMMC services in the target areas;
  • Conduct over 60,000 VMMC procedures among HIV-negative males or males of unknown HIV status 15-29 years of age.

Ultimate Goal:

By circumcising over 60,000 eligible males aged 15- 29 years during the 5 year project period, ACHAP shall avert more than 7500 HIV infections by 2025.

Areas of Operation:

Static Sites:

Scottish Livingstone Hospital in Kweneng East, Nkoyaphiri Clinic in Gaborone, Mafitlhakgosi Clinic in Tlokweng supporting South East and Kgatleng district and Mahalapye District Hospital.

Outreach sites:

All villages surrounding the static sites in Greater Gaborone including Kgatleng and South East health districts and Kweneng East health districts.

Strategies used to reach men:

  • Engagement of community leadership for support and advocacy for VMMC
  • Door to door (one on one) sessions
  • Interpersonal communication sessions like snow balling braai sessions (satisfied clients referring their uncircumcised peers)
  • Street level promotions using crowd pullers and mall activations
  • Community dialogue with village leadership; men groups; women groups;
  • Targeted campaigns- schools and workplaces
  • Use of football teams as VMMC Ambassadors
  • Use of community and school based mobilisers
  • Information desks and presentations in Institutions of higher learning
  • Use of 24 hours digital billboards
  • Use of models during traffic surge to create VMMC hype

Key Achievements:

  • Successful partnerships with community, government and implementing partners
  • Dark green SIMS audits by CDC
  • Minimal AE’s due to a robust 24hr AE surveillance system
  • Technical Assistance for EIMC to National SMC Office increasing uptake and scale up
  • Technical support for Prepex surveillance finalization and implementation
Stats last updated, 14/05/2017

COP Year 2: Cumulative Performance To Date Against Annual Working Targets N = 10370

COP Year 2: Cumulative Performance To Date Against Annual Working Targets N = 10370

COP YEAR 2: Cumulative Performance Against Target (10,370)

Financial Year 2 Annual Performance Against Targets N= 10370Financial Year 2 Annual Performance Against Targets N= 10370

FY 2 Cumulative Performance against target (10,370)

Cumulative from October to 30 November 2016: Performance by Age Group

Cumulative from 1 October to 30 November 2016 Performance by HIV Status

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