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Freequently Asked Questions. FAQ's

Q. What is ACHAP?

ACHAP is a country-led, public-private development partnership between the Government of Botswana, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Merck Company Foundation which has provided strategic support to Botswana’s national HIV/AIDS response

Q. When was ACHAP established?

It was established in the year 2000.

Q. What role does ACHAP play in the country?

ACHAP is currently implementing its Phase II programme of support (2010 – 2014).

Q. What are ACHAP’s Phase II programmes?

  • To support the scale up of safe male circumcision among HIV negative males aged 15-29 years.
  • To position ACHAP as a successful country led Public Private development Partnership in the national response to HIV/AIDS.

  • To systematically transition the support of ART treatment programme to the Government of Botswana by December 2011 and enable the national programme to sustain quality and maintain treatment converge.
  • To strengthen the National TB Programme in order to improve the access to and utilization of integrated HIV and TB services on a national scale by 2014.
  • To improve generation, utilization and sharing of strategic information and knowledge from HIV/AIDS and TB programmes in Botswana in order to inform and improve programmes in Botswana and the region by 2014.

Q. Do you have volunteer opportunities within ACHAP?

Currently we do not have any provision for that however we engage interns through the department of Internship.

Q. Can I submit my application for a vacancy without any advert?

We encourage people to apply when there is an ADVERT.

Q. When are we likely to get feedback after interviews?

In two week’s time.

Q. What is safe male circumcision (SMC)?

Safe male circumcision is the surgical removal of the fore skin covering the end of the male so that the glands (or knob) are permanently exposed.

Q. What are benefits of safe male circumcision?

Circumcised men have lower risks of getting sexually transmitted infections, urinary tract infections, penile cancer and they find it easier to maintain penile hygiene. Removing the foreskin also prevents inflammation of the glands and avoids health problems such as inability to retract the foreskin due to swelling. Circumcised men are also less likely to infect women with human papilloma virus that causes cervical cancer.

Q. Why is SMC good for me?

  • Improves penile hygiene among men
  • Reduces chances of sexually transmitted infections including HIV
  • Reduces chances of women getting HPV from men hence reducing cancer of the cervix among women
Welcome to ACHAP