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Freequently Asked Questions. FAQ's

Q. Where can I access TB services?

All public health facilities countrywide (some private practitioners also offer such services).

Q. How can TB infection be controlled in households and congregate settings like public transport, schools and churches?

  • Improving ventilation by keeping doors and windows open.
  • Having people who are coughing spending most of their time outdoors.
  • Having coughers spend minimal time with young children and the elderly.
  • Minimizing the number of people who share a room with a cougher i.e. for sleeping purposes.
  • Educating the public on good cough hygiene.

Q. When should a person who is co-infected with TB and HIV start ARVs?

As soon as the individual tolerates TB treatment (should not exceed 2 months after the patient is initiated on TB treatment), in this regard the level of CD4 count is not a determining factor.

Q. When should frequency of intensified TB case finding among people living with HIV be done?

It has to be done at every encounter of such a person with a health care worker.

Q. Can ACHAP provide funding for projects?

  • Currently ACHAP is not accepting requests for funding. Instead we have very focused activities, for which we occasional request organizations to submit proposals. If you have a project which you think would support ACHAP in reaching ACHAP’s current objectives you can email grants@achap.org or leave a document at reception.
  • Because of the number of requests we get we are unable to provide personalized responses to all of the requests, but if it is a project we believe we can partner on we will contact you directly.
Welcome to ACHAP