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Freequently Asked Questions. FAQ's

Q. Who should circumcise?

All males can be circumcised. However current programme in Botswana is focusing on males aged 13 years and above. HIV positive men should consult with their doctors before going for circumcision.

Q. Why are chances of HIV infection lower in a circumcised male?

The inner part of the foreskin contains more cells that are more likely to be infected by HIV than the rest of the penis. These are the cells with a receptor that allows HIV to enter the body, like a lock with a key. When an uncircumcised man has sex, the receptor cells are exposed, thus putting him at risk of HIV infection if his female partner is positive. By removing the foreskin you reduce the number of these cells on the penis and lower the risk of a man acquiring HIV during sexual intercourse.

Q. Are there any risks associated with male circumcision?

As long as male circumcision is carried out by a qualified doctor in a sterile health facility, the risks are extremely low.

Q. How long should I wait before I presume my sexual activities after 6 weeks?

It takes 6 weeks for the wound to completely heal.

Q. What impact does SMC have on the Client’s sexual life?

There is no scientific evidence that SMC either increases or decreases sexual pleasure for either partner. Clients who may experience challenges in their sexual life after circumcision should seek assistance from the health facilities. Depending on the nature of the problem the client will be referred to appropriate specialist intervention.

Q. What should a client do before the procedure?

The client goes through the following steps;

    HIV counseling and testing

  • The client can visit the nearest Voluntary Counseling and Testing centre in their area or the local clinic e.g. Tebelopele VCTC, Botswana Christian AIDS intervention Programme (BOCAIP) centers, Botswana Family Welfare Association (BOFWA) centers and other community based organizations
  • SMC counseling before the procedure

  • Physical assessment to rule out any illness and contraindications
  • The procedure

  • Post circumcision supportive counseling which will be done at each and every visit

Q. Where can I get circumcised?

  • Area W Clinic
  • Bontleng Clinic
  • Block 8
  • Nkoyaphiri clinic
  • E & M Dada Clinic
  • Mahalapye Hospital
  • Maun Old Hospital
  • Boseja II
  • Scottish Livingstone Hospital
  • Boswelakoko Clinic
  • Palapye Primary Hospital
  • Sekgoma Memorial Hospital
  • Thamaga Primary Hospital
  • Emmanuel Centre

Q. Once circumcised, what is going to happen should I need my foreskin back?

Circumcision is a permanent surgical removal of the foreskin, so one can’t get back the foreskin once removed.

Q. What are IEC materials?

These are Information, Education and Communication materials. These are materials that provide information and facilitate learning in a way that appeals to those specifically targeted.

Q. In what language are IEC materials?

Most IEC materials in Botswana are in English and Setswana.
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